Industry Leading Quality Assurance & Product Testing

Your Full Service Contract Manufacturing Partner

150+ Years of Full Service Contract Manufacturing Experience to Help Build Your Business

Eagle Labs, Inc. incorporates industry leading quality assurance & product testing. We have the capacity to meet the most demanding client needs with agile manufacturing.


Flexible Packaging

We offer a broad range of packaging formats and options.

We can also source the right packaging that meets your brand’s specifications.


eCommerce Consulting

With high quality, cost-effective order fulfillment we can accomplish optimized inventory placements and lower shipping costs that fit your needs.

We can offer guidance and advice on how to maximize your online sales.


Brand Development

From development to packaging our team is up to the challenge of helping you develop your brand and make life easier for you.

We’re building lasting relationships with clients to ensure maximum exposure and perfecting the process along the way.

Specialists in Skin Care Products and Supplements

From serums to moisturizers, and creams—we can transform your skincare vision into an authentic and unique beauty brand.


We can create cutting edge nutrition supplement powders for your pre-workout, fat burner, amino, creatine, and muscle building products.

A Legacy of Innovation

Unmatched expertise

Eagle labs, Inc. incorporates industry leading quality assurance & product testing. We have the capacity to meet the most demanding client needs with agile manufacturing.

Eagle labs, Inc. values the diverse qualifications of our employees and their passion for innovation. We continue to stay abreast of the latest health and nutritional science and testing methods through training and development.

Stability Lab

Whether you have an existing formula, label, or new concept, our experts will work with you to create an innovative, cutting-edge product using the industry’s most advanced ideas.

cGMP and FDA Compliance

From product development to contract manufacturing to release and shipping, we ensure adherence to cGMP & FDA compliance.

Industry Leading Turnaround

At Eagle Labs, Inc. we believe that bringing to market the highest quality products with the quickest turnaround around is essential.