Flexible Formulating and Manufacturing Services for Private Label Lines


Eagle Labs, Inc. manufactures the highest quality and most rigorously tested nutritional supplements and skin care products in the USA

Eagle Labs, Inc. manufactures the highest quality and most rigorously tested nutritional supplements and skin care products in the USA. We provide complete, flexible formulating and manufacturing services for private label lines.

We also specialize in working with businesses who are interested in developing high-quality products in smaller quantities.


Eagle Labs has a highly experienced R&D team consisting of chemists, research scientists, nutritional experts, and laboratory professionals. The team has formulated thousands of ready-to-brand and custom products for both domestic and international clients. This list includes dietary supplements, skincare, sports nutrition, homeopathic and over-the-counter medications.

We understand the need for accuracy and precision in delivering specific active ingredients to your formulation. Our team is skilled in identifying the best dosage forms and nutrients while maintaining the integrity of the active ingredients. Our capabilities include capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, creams, gummy products, and more.

Lab & Testing:

At Eagle Labs, our team of expert QA/QC chemists take testing seriously, we conduct the right testing on every lot of raw material and finished goods. We test at various stages to ensure your product is of the highest quality and exceeds safety standards. Our facilities are FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant through NSF. Along with in-house testing, we use third-party ISO Certified Laboratories to conduct testing when needed.

We are committed to excellence through adherence to all local, state, and national testing regulations.


High-quality raw materials are the foundation of our health products. Seasonality, minimum order requirements, market trends, and budgetary concerns can complicate sourcing ingredients.

Our buyers have strategic partnerships with raw material and packaging component suppliers around the world, allowing us to purchase ingredients at the best cost while maintaining the highest standards.

Our suppliers are carefully chosen based on their track record of on-time deliveries and product quality and provide us with a Certificate of Analysis for every ingredient to verify potency and purity.

When you manufacture a product with Eagle Labs, you can be assured you have an experienced procurement team at your service.


We provide label services to ensure your brand accurately reflects the formulation, warnings, safety information, and claims certified by accreditors, such as “gluten-free”, “organic”, and “non-GMO”.

The Eagle Labs label team excels at helping you prepare the perfect FDA-compliant label design, we are up to speed on the latest FDA labeling regulations. Whether you are creating a new custom formula or working with an existing formula, we support you in the creation of the Supplement Facts Panel and Ingredients Lists for the best presentation of your product. We work with you to convey your brand’s story and mission while providing accurate information so consumers can make informed decisions.

We then support the procurement of the packaging components or partner with your supplier to create the finished product.

Our label team can also offer sample packaging materials to help you choose just the right look and feel for your brand. We offer packaging color matching, so if you are bringing an existing product, you’ll have no worries about the brand logos or colors changing. In some cases, we can provide a printed press proof of your label before going to final print.